CLINITUBES capillary tubes

Safe, straightforward and accurate capillary sampling

Radiometer’s safeCLINITUBES and CLINITUBES come in a variety of sizes to match the sample-volume requirements of different analysers.

Design increases safety for caregivers

The rounded ends of the capillary tubes increase safety for patients and staff while the vented capillary cap guarantees safe sealing and minimises the risk of blood spillage. The capillary tubes come with a mixing wire and magnet to facilitate thorough mixing of the sample.

safeCLINITUBES are made of 100 % environmentally friendly plastic eliminating the risk of breakage, staff or patient injury and contamination. CLINITUBES have a strong glass construction and are durable, gas-tight and resistant to breakage. 

Fast filling time convenient for clinicians and patients

Capillary samples are often collected in stressful situations, making it difficult to fill a capillary tube with a single puncture. A unique surface treatment ensures fast filling, making sampling procedures easier for clinicians and less uncomfortable for your patients.

High accuracy and reduced risk of clotting

All our capillary tubes are preheparinised with dry electrolyte-balanced heparin, significantly reducing the risk of clotting and securing reliable results without any bias on electrolytes.