Transcutaneous monitoring

Non-invasive, real-time and continuous patient ventilation and oxygenation

With a large range of parameters including tcpCO2, tcpO2, SpO2 and Pulse Rate, Radiometer offers a full range of TC solutions based on a very simple principle combined with a powerful and accurate technology: Through sensors applied on the skin, the blood gases that are diffusing through the skin are detected and analysed.

TC solutions correlate with the patient status, allowing caregivers to take immediate and appropriate action precisely when – and only when – it is needed. Thus TC improves both patient safety and comfort.

Use TC as a trending tool to non-invasively monitor:

    • Oxygenation (tcpO2): TC monitoring provides you with real-time clinical information on the oxygenation of a patient. Any changes in oxygen uptake, transport and release will be reflected by the tcpO2 value
      Main application area: neonatal intensive care units (NICU) to monitor pre-term babies.
    • Ventilation (tcpCO2): TC monitoring provides you with real-time clinical information on the patient's ventilation status.
      Main application areas: neonatal intensive care units (NICU), sleep labs, respiratory careintensive care units (ICU).

Use TC as a valuable diagnostic tool.

    • Main application areas: assessment of critical limb ischemia, wound care treatment, optimal amputation level, post-surgery wound healing evaluation, hyperbaric oxygenation treatment or free flap survival.