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Minimizing preanalytical errors in blood gas testing

Increase operator and patient safety with proper sampling technique in the preanalytical phase.

Studies have shown that up to 62 % of laboratory testing errors occur in the preanalytical phase. This may lead to incorrect patient results, operator injury or blood gas analyzers becoming inoperable. [1]

With proper sampling technique and careful attention to the necessary steps in the preanalytical phase of blood gas testing, you can avoid most preanalytical errors.


[1] Carraro P et al. Errors in a stat laboratory: Types and frequencies 10 years later. Clin Chem 2007; 53,7: 1338-42.

Guiding you step by step through possible errors in the preanalytical phase

Based on available literature and international best practices, this app focuses on the preanalytical phase of blood gas testing and what you can do to reduce errors.

Let the safePICO syringe help you with your mixing

In a Radiometer-sponsored webinar on avoiding preanalytical errors in blood gas testing, 48% of participants mentioned issues related to mixing as the most prevalent errors in the preanalytical phase of blood gas testing.

Examples of such errors in mixing are:

The safePICO syringe is designed to help you adequately mix your sample. That’s why it comes with a built-in mixing ball and dry electrolyte-balanced heparin, helping you obtain a clot-free, homogeneous sample, and results you can trust.

The safePICO syringe also helps minimize other preanalytical errors, such as:


Let us guide you in the preanalytical phase

Webinars and scientific articles on preanalytical errors

Find your solution for blood gas analysis

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